Is It Really That Hard To Say The Word ‘Woman’?

by Phil Schneider

The hard left ideas on gender in American society are not just an augmented concept of Fox News. They are a real concept on college campuses across America. It is a very real concept throughout much of the youth today that gender is not just a matter of choice. There are all kinds of options, and everything – literally everything – goes.

Yes, the madness is astounding. And yes, the Democrat Party is busy losing more and more seats in Congress with every step it takes into the radical left woke direction.

But, this is not a joke at all. The family unit is not just under attack. The entire concept of a man and a woman is under serious frontal attack. This is an attack on humanity itself. It is all based on the idea that there are no rights and wrongs in this world, and everyone can choose to do whatever they like, whenever they like, wherever they like.

The backlash has not begun to be felt. But more and more people will wake up to the realization that a life without boundaries and a life without right and wrong quickly descends into a chaotic state. Some of the cities in America are already experiencing this as far as crime. But it will soon get even worse if the family unit becomes an even more archaic concept.

A return to the basics is urgently needed. G-d Created Man and Woman. That’s what the Bible says. First, let’s get that clear. Then, we can start rebuilding normalcy one step at a time.

Col. Kemp

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