Iran Missed US Bases By A Large Distance

by Phil Schneider

Let’s say it loud and clear – President Trump – like him or not – brought Iran to it’s knees. It may not be the end of the battles with Iran. Just like the Battle of the Bulge – the most deadly attack on Allied forces came right before the fall of the Third Reich. So Iran may actually be very dangerous now – as they are like a wounded tiger in the throes of death. But, one thing is clear – Iran is struggling financially and militarily due to the double strike of the Trump administration on their economy and on their lead general.

Iran does not have any good options now. It faces economic collapse and a President of the USA who will not allow them to spread their tentacles into other countries to tackle the economic sanctions through conquest. But worse than all of that, Iran has a majority that deeply wishes to throw off the yoke of the leadership of their country. Their leadership is basically dictatorial, and enough Iranians are old enough to remember that their are alternatives – and they are much better.

Odds are now that within the next few years, Iran will have a revolution. It will not be pretty. No matter who wins, the losing side will face a bitter rival. Their will be a lot of bloodshed. President Trump is not an isolationist, but he definitely does not believe in getting embroiled in long conflicts abroad. He was a man in his late 20’s during Vietnam, and he spoke out very clearly against the Iraq war strategy of the Bush administration. So far, on foreign policy, there has been nothing but success vis-a-vis Iran. One can argue about his tactics with Putin and others. But the Middle East is now a place that the ex-bully Iran is now bombing empty desert areas instead of wreaking havoc like it has been for the last few decades.

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