Democrats Banned John Fetterman After He Did This at Jewish University’s Graduation

by Phil Schneider

For a moment, John Fetterman was booed by a few individuals at the graduation ceremony of Yeshiva University. Then, suddenly within a few minutes he received a standing ovation by the graduates and administration of Yeshiva University. His standing ovation was for his decision to publicly remove his colored hood from Harvard University at the graduation ceremony. This dramatic move on his part and the ovation that it received reflect a truly amazing turn in events that have occurred in the United States over the last half a year.

For more than one hundred years, the standard bearing institutions in the United States that have represented the most reliable paths towards upward mobility for Jews have been the Ivy League Colleges. In the 19th century, they were largely closed to Jewish people, and then later Jews were allowed in, but in a limited fashion. But with the growth of liberal values in the United States, by the end of World War II, and into the 50’s and 60’s, the doors swung open to all who qualified to enter.  

Jews flooded into the very best Universities, and soon entered all spheres of leadership in the United States. Leadership in varied fields such as business, politics, medicine, law, and university scholarship were all filled with Jewish children or grandchildren of poor immigrants. This continues to go on to this very day.

However, in the last 10-20 years, for many on the Ivy League campuses, liberal values have morphed into progressive non-liberal values. That has led to a rejection of openmindedness and scholarship whenever it clashed with stylish woke causes. One of those causes was the fake “palestinian nationalism” cause, which is just a white-washed version of the “Kill the Jews” cause. 

This has caught the liberal-oriented Jewish students on these campuses completely off-guard. What they thought would be a wonderful experience to expand their horizons has turned into the most expensive possible lesson into how world-wide antisemitism disguises itself as palestinian nationalism.

Yeshiva University is not immune to the woke trends in America today. But it is one of the few institutions of higher learning in America today that can be relied on to spread true Jewish values without being poisoned by the effects of woke stupidity and antisemitism. 

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