Delicious Israeli Wine Outside the Majestic Old City Walls of Jerusalem

by Tova in Israel

There is something magical about drinking Israeli wine outside the old city walls of Jerusalem. Once the signature product of the Jews in our homeland, wine once again has become a star product of our modern, yet ancient, country.


Red or White, Fruity or Savory, Sweet or Dry, Light or Rich.  For Relaxing or socializing.  For Shabbat Kiddush or to make a L’Chaim.  To accompany a Holiday meal or to bless a new marriage.  To drink with cheese tastings or with your favorite steak meal.  Whatever the desire, there is a wine bottle to suit your needs.

Jerusalem Wine Club

In Israel, The Jerusalem Wine Club offers its clients delicious Israeli wines every month. Eli Poch began this Wine Club about 7 years ago and today he is being called “One of the most professional wine retailers in Israel,” according to Gilad Flam, CEO of Flam Winery.

When you talk to Eli about your wine preferences, he can choose a wine to suit your tastes. If someone is unsure about their wine preference, joining the Wine Club gives them the ability and flexibility to try all different flavors. Another wonderful opportunity is to go to one of the Jerusalem Wine Club’s events. At these events you’ll enjoy a delicious multi-course meal that will have 4-5 wines paired to each of the different courses.

The Jerusalem Wine Club is always offering wonderful deals so you can enjoy top wines at enjoyable prices. For every holiday, there are incredible sales to surprise you. Visit to keep up with all the updates and events so you don’t miss out on all the tastiest wines.

If you want to try out many of these wines, you can also visit Eli’s store Kfar HaYayin located in Kfar Etzion in Gush Etzion. The wines can be delivered internationally as well for anyone that would like to support Israel’s economy. What better way to support Israel and at the same time drink good quality wine that will leave a smile on your face?

Cheers! L’Chaim!

Watch the full live video of the event here:

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