Celebrities showed the real Israel and the results were amazing

by Shira Epstein

First impressions count. As much as we know this shouldn’t necessarily be the case, human nature makes it very hard to counteract this. So where do we get these impressions from?  What impressions do people have of the Jewish people when they visit Israel?

When talking about Israel, a small country in the Middle East, the majority of people’s knowledge comes from the news. We know too well that the news is not balanced or even reported correctly. To the contrary, the news is full of propaganda and articles that portray only part of a one sided story.

The Real Israel

Israel is many things. It is both a stunning country full of beautiful nature reserves and a country with an enormously rich history. From Mount Hermon, with it’s snow, in the north of Israel, down to the Dead Sea in the south, it’s impossible not to be amazed by Israel’s beauty.  Beautiful green mountains and waterfalls in northern Israel contrast amazingly with the desert in the south. More than that, Israel is a country filled with history and culture for all religions. But these facts are not known.

Israeli flag flying over the hills of Samaria

The power of the news, the internet, and social media is immense. The minute a news article or clip goes live or published it is shared across the world. These are the facts that people read. Unfortunately, people generally don’t see much beyond the headlines. And thus, our opinions are formed.

In recent days, there have been two terrorist attacks in Israel. Two stabbing attacks. A young father of four was murdered and another victim is currently in hospital. Were these stories reported by major international news outlets???

On the other side of it, Israel is now starting to see the beautiful bloom of flowers across the country.  Fields of beautiful red anemones. This is something people in the Jewish State travel all over to see. The beautiful miraculous results of the rain.

Israeli flower

So let’s return to the point at hand. First impressions. Let’s change people’s first impression of Israel. Leave the politics aside (or share the true full story) and share the stunning land we Israelis know and love.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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