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Caroline Glick: “Israel Needs a Prime Minister that is Despised by the Media”


Caroline Glick explains the type of Prime Minister that Israel needs. A leader who can stand up strong for the Jewish people and the State of Israel and not afraid of being despised.

Unfortunately, in today’s age of media obsession, too many leaders focus on what to do or say to get support from the media, but that is the wrong type of leader for Israel. Israel must have a strong leader to stand up against the vast amount of pressures from other world leaders, and the media as well.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was that type of leader. He always put the state of Israel first and did not buckle under the international and media pressure. Israel has had other Prime Ministers who did buckle under the pressure, and with all of their good intentions, their actions and decisions ended up endangering Israel greatly.

Today, as Israelis wait to see what kind of government we will get and who will be Prime Minister, we hope and pray it will be someone willing to take the pressure.

The job of Prime Minister of Israel is one of the hardest jobs in the world and we are not always privileged to have the best one for the job. Let’s hope this time that we do.