Canada Accepts Woman Fleeing Abuse & Death for Renouncing Islam

by Avi Abelow

Saudi woman Rahaf al-Qunun renounced Islam and fled for her life to Thailand. She was trapped in Bangkok, Thailand with forces trying to abduct her and force her to fly back to Saudi Arabiaץ Thereת she would have most probably been given the death sentence. Canada ended up granting her refugee status and thereby saved her life.


Woman have no freedom in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian law includes “guardianship.”  That means that woman have no freedom whatsoever.  They must ask for permission to leave the home and only can leave with a guardian by their side. Yet feminists in the West are silent about the horrible status of women in Saudi Arabia and many Muslim countries.

Death Penalty

Any Muslim, male or female, who renounces Islam is automatically given a death sentence according to Islam. In many instances, those who renounce Islam are murdered by their fellow family members.   It is a matter of “honor,” or really dishonor.

Rahaf al-Qunun was scared of certain death if she would have been returned to Saudi Arabia. Her life was literally saved by Canada who granted her refugee status.

While Canada definitely should be given credit for saving Rahaf’s life, it is still unfortunate that Canada also continues to allow many Muslims into Canada.  These Muslims themselves also believe in the right to give a death penalty to any fellow Muslim that renounces Islam.

Where are the “Progressives”?

With all the virtue signaling today about equal rights, women’s rights, the women’s march etc. the “progressive” community is utterly silent when it comes to the discrimination of women in Islam, Islamic communities and Islamic countries.

To make matters worse, it is the “progressives” who are the ones that say that Islam is a religion of peace!

“Progressives” today who speak like this, and are silent about the horrible plight of millions of women in Muslim societies, are not liberals.  They are anti-liberal!

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