Biden Wants The IDF To Change Its Rules Of Engagement – Israel Says NO

by Micha Gefen

Now that it has become clear that IDF soldiers unintentionally shot “journalist” Shireen Abu Akleh, while they were in a firefight with “palestinian” terrorists, the Biden administration has come out for changing the IDF’s rules of engagement.

State Department deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel told reporters Tuesday: “We will continue to press Israel directly and closely at the senior-most levels to review its policies and practices on this to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again in the future.”

Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Yair Lapid have forcefully rebuffed the Biden administration.

Lapid said the following:

“As of today, your duty is to protect us. But it also the duty of the country to protect you. I hear the calls to prosecute IDF soldiers following the death of Shireen Abu Aqleh. I hear the calls to change our rules of engagement.”

“Israel has expressed sorrow over her death. It was a tragedy that transpired in an incident in which there was heavy enemy fire. The IDF never intentionally shoots at innocent people. We are deeply committed to freedom of the press and to some of the most stringent rules of engagement in the world.”

“But to be clear – I will not allow an IDF soldier that was protecting himself from terrorist fire to be prosecuted just to receive applause from abroad. No one will dictate our rules of engagement to us, when we are the ones fighting for our lives. Our soldiers have the full backing of the government of Israel and the people of Israel.”

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