Are there things you do just because “everyone does it”? This story will make you think again

by Aaron

Explaining messages by means of a parable is common in Jewish learning. Sometimes, it is hard to understand an idea unless it is explained using a different method. Parables are used to explain things in the Jewish Bible, the Oral Law, and to explain many other Jewish values.

First-Class Ticket

A man who inherited great wealth wanted to take a train to a faraway city. He was able to purchase a first-class ticket. Not knowing what the train would be like, he figured he would just follow the crowd. He followed others and slept under one of the train benches because he thought that was the right place. When the conductor came and believed he was cheating the system, the man showed his first-class ticket. The baffled conductor wondered why he was not in his luxurious first-class seat. The man had no idea how valuable his ticket was. He just did what he saw others doing, even though he could have had a comfortable and magnificent ride.

God and His People

God gave His people first-class tickets. He gave us those special tickets to use wisely and not to blindly follow paths that others might be taking. We sometimes miss the value of our ticket. We miss the value of our lives and the special opportunities we are supposed to be grabbing.

Importance of the Parable

It is difficult to explain the Jewish concept of how much our “ticket” is worth without a parable. The idea would not touch the soul as deeply. But when it is explained with a story, it truly hits home. Parables have been used for thousands of years by great Talmudic sages. The values that the sages wanted to impart to the Jewish people are important, and they were wise enough to understand how they should be relayed.

Arab Incitement
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