Will Western Nations Designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard A Terrorist Entity?

by Micha Gefen

The Trump administration was the first Western nation to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) a terrorist entity. More Western nations seem to be willing to jump aboard.

The question is, why now?

Western nations have grown considerably more worried about Iranian covert operations on their soil. While in the past they looked the other way, now they have realized that their passivity has given Iran a green light to expand its influence Westward.

More importantly though is the increasing probability that Prime Minister Netanyahu will order a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The Western world wants to stop such a strike by any means and if declaring the IRGC a terrorist entity does the trick then its worth it.

The West is crumbling. Decadence and fear reign and it appears that all that stand in the way of Iran’s unending expansion is Israel. Will it receive any awards or accolades for nocking out Iran’s nuclear program? No. But it will do it anyway.

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