Watch: Five Reasons Why Candace Owens Is Now Pro-Life

by Phil Schneider

It seems so open-minded and caring to be Pro-Choice. Why would someone choose to not be pro-choice? Candace Owens is the left’s worst nightmare. She is an African American from a poor area that does not believe that the core of all problems in American society are due to white privilege. She knows that the key to everything good is the family and the key to everything that is bad in American society is the breakdown of the family unit.

When people say that the prison system should have more social workers and less policemen, they actually do have a point. If the social workers would indeed focus on how to have a strong character despite not having a father in one’s life, they could do more good than more policemen in the jail system.

But on the streets, it is policemen, and only more policemen, that keep crime down. Candace Owens understands this.

What she also understands well is that the pro-choice movement is much more of a pro-abortion movement than a pro-life movement. And that is not part of the solution. It is part of the problem. What is needed in America today is more strengthening of the family unit – not weakening. Most people deciding to abort their babies are doing so under duress.

People today are actually trying to encourage abortion instead of trying to encourage people to not have an abortion. This is not merely a religious issue. It is not just about right and wrong. It is much more than that. Candace does a great job explaining it here.

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