Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Stand up to Expose the Tyranny of COVID Mandates

by Leah Rosenberg

COVID mandates are out of control. Whether it be forcing people to get vaccinated, wear masks, or anything else that impedes freedom, it is enough!

Stop the COVID Mandates

What is happening in the world is absolutely insane. Doctors and scientists have been fired and censored for trying to share the truth about COVID-19. And now, 17,000 of them are uniting together to stand up against the COVID mandates, the FDA, the CDC, the media, the government, and anyone else trying to silence them.

Humanity has been lied to by too many people that were “trusted.” Doctors and scientists have lied. Governments throughout the world have lied.

People are being forced to wear masks when they shouldn’t be told what to do – and when many masks have been proven to do absolutely nothing anyway. People are being forced to vaccinate when everyone’s own health should be their OWN responsibility and not that of the government. If someone wants to get vaccinated, they can. And if someone does not want to be forced to take a vaccine, then they shouldn’t be kicked out of restaurants and gyms; they shouldn’t be treated as second-class citizens!

And clearly, many people agree that there should not be such mandates – as you can see from all the protests. This protest was in DC, but there have been many others worldwide.

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