The BBC got a major slap in the face for its most recent libel against Israel

by Phil Schneider

It’s about time somebody said it loud and clear. BBC libels the State of Israel as part of a set narrative. Any time that Arab terrorists hit Israel with a barrage of missiles and Israel responds by bombing the source of the attacks, BBC talks about poor Palestinian babies that suffer. Well, it’s true that the little Arab babies and children who are harmed are innocent. But, it is a total falsehood to claim that Israel is at fault. Those who set up missile launch pads near hospitals and at the foot of residential apartment buildings are the problem.

There is only one aggressor any time that Israel is attacked. It is either the implacable Arab terrorist organization, Hamas, who never let up. They receive millions of dollars in humanitarian aid and use it for two things – to build terror tunnels into Israel and to solidify their hold on power. As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are both kleptocracies. They steal tens of millions of dollars in aid that comes their way and instead of helping their people, they turn their areas into war zones.

Dennis Prager aptly explained that if the Arab terrorists put down their weapons, their would be peace. If the Israeli Army, put down their weapons, they would be slaughtered. There is a right side and a wrong side. Israel has consistently been the defender, not the aggressor. If anything is wrong in the equation, it is that Israel is too patient at responding in a forceful manner to completely disarm and arrest or kill every terrorist.

Jewish blood stopped being cheap in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. With the formation of the State of Israel and the founding of the Israel Defense Forces, not only was it more difficult for Anti-Jewish people to shed Jewish blood, the Jewish people began to hit back – and hit back hard. BBC still sounds like they are angry that the Jewish people are strong. They preferred a weak group of Jews living under the British Mandate. The world has moved on. Just like the British Empire has vanished, so will the power of anti-Jewish voices such as BBC who libel and criticize Israel whenever they get a chance.

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