NEWS FROM THE FRONT: Nahal Kills 18 Hamas Terrorists In Central Gaza, Givati Mops Up Khan Yunis

by Micha Gefen

The Israel Defense Forces continues to operate in the center of the Gaza Strip and over the past day eliminated about 18 terrorists through sniper fire, shells and successful cooperation with the Air Force. In one of the attacks, the Nachal Brigade detected a squad of four terrorists near the forces, the Air Force was called in and eliminated them.

In another attack, the forces identified three terrorists entering a building. When the terrorists left the building, an aircraft attacked and eliminated the squad. In addition, the forces identified a terrorist who left a military building in their sector. Within minutes an aircraft attacked and eliminated the terrorist.

Givati Brigade Continues To Mop Up In Khan Yunis

IDF soldiers of the Givati ​​Brigade continue to operate in the Khan Yunis area. In the last day alone the forces identified two terrorists loading military equipment on a motorcycle and in cooperation with the Air Force, eliminated them. In addition, the Givati soldiers identified and eliminated two terrorists who approached the forces.

The fighters of the 7th Brigade Combat Team continue to operate and in the last day they eliminated terrorists and located weapons in Khan Yunis. In one of the activities, the Air Force, in cooperation with the Givati soldiers, attacked a building from which an anti-tank missile was fired at the soldiers. There were no IDF casualties in the attack. In addition, a terrorist who was near the forces was eliminated by air strike.

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