Must-See: Piece of Archaeology Found That Has Never Been Discovered in Israel Before

by David Mark

Wow. You aren’t going to believe what was discovered in Israel. This is too perfect – especially for the holiday of Purim!

Discovered in Israel for the First Time

Israel is full of archaeology. Discovery after discovery is made. And each time, it is truly remarkable. Ancient history is all around us. We know the stories. We believe them. We learn the Bible. We learn Tanach. And then when you see the history and the stories come to life, there are no words. It is truly amazing. And it is exciting that there are still things that are being discovered in Israel for the first time.

Like this potsherd from the times of Darius! Darius was Xerxes’ father. Xerxes, or Achashverosh, was the king in the Purim story.

The world keeps trying to deny the truth. They try to deny the Jewish connection to Israel. But when something like this is discovered in Israel proving Jewish history, they really cannot deny it! Jewish history is real. The Jewish people are not a made-up people from a few decades ago. We have history. We have roots in our ancient homeland. We have tangible proof of our stories.

Archaeology never gets old. It really doesn’t. These discoveries keep happening. G-d wants people to see these discoveries. G-d is making the truth known.

Let’s keep finding the truth. Let’s keep sharing these fascinating and exciting discoveries with the world. Hopefully soon, everyone will wake up and finally see all of the proof of the connection between the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.

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