Massive Drone And Missile Barrage From Iran Against Israel

by Micha Gefen

In the first ever direct attack by Iran against Israel, the Islamic Regime in Tehran sent hundreds of drones laden with explosives from its territory towards Israel as well as at least one hypersonic cruise missile. While many are expected be knocked down, some drones and missiles are expected to get through Israel’s air defense systems.

In what is being seen as an unprecedented uptick in fighting between Iran and Israel, tonight’s direct attack by Iran and now its proxies in Yemen and Lebanon puts Israel under attack from all sides. This shifts the war between Israel and Gaza to a wider regional war with Israel expected to directly retaliate against the Iranian regime.

Along with the explosive drones sent by Tehran, there are reports of missiles being fired by Hezbollah and more drones being sent by the Houthis in Yemen. Also a cruise missile has been confirmed to be launched and seen flying over Basra Iraq towards Israel.

Many of the targets are expected to be in Israel’s North and South with the government warning citizens to stay inside if they are in the Golan, Galil, Beer Sheva, Eilat, and Dimona.

Interceptions are being reported over Jerusalem and most of Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said the following to the nation:

“Citizens of Israel, in recent years, and especially in recent weeks, Israel has been preparing for a direct attack by Iran,” he said. Our defensive systems are deployed; we are ready for any scenario, both defensively and offensively. The State of Israel is strong. The IDF is strong. The public is strong. We appreciate the US standing alongside Israel, as well as the support of Britain, France and many other countries. We have determined a clear principle: Whoever harms us, we will harm them. We will defend ourselves against any threat and will do so level-headedly and with determination. Citizens of Israel, I know that you also are also level-headed. I call on you to follow the directives of IDF Home Front Command. Together we will stand and with G-d’s help – together we will overcome all of our enemies.”

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