Jews Go Up to Temple Mount Through Gate of the Tribes for First Time in Decades

by Leah Rosenberg

The Temple Mount belongs to the Jewish people. They should not be told through which gate they should enter and exit.

The Temple Mount and its Gates

There is not only one gate through which a person can enter and exit the Temple Mount. But Jews have been limited and only allowed to enter through one of the gates. Now, Jews went through the Gate of the Tribes. This is the gate through which the IDF liberated the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967.

It seems absurd. If the JEWISH Old City of Jerusalem was liberated and once again returned to the JEWISH people, why is it now that Jews do not have full control over their holy city? It really makes no sense. From a legal standpoint, a historical standpoint, a Biblical standpoint, and a moral standpoint. All fingers point to the fact that the Temple Mount, the Old City of Jerusalem, Jerusalem as a whole, and all of Israel belong to the people of Israel. It’s that simple.

The Jewish people did not just come into existence a few years ago and try to steal someone’s land. That is actually what the “Palestinian” people have done. The Jewish people have thousands of years of history in the land of Israel.

Sadly, the world has lost sight of the truth. The whole world suffers because of it – not just the Jewish people living in Israel. It is never a good thing when so many people ignore the truth about history…

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