Iran Is “Two Months Away” From A Nuke – Will Israel Act?

by Micha Gefen

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued a statement saying that Iran is 2 months away from a nuclear bomb and that Israel has the means to defend itself.

The statement was purposely timed for Bennett’s visit with American President Joe Biden in order to set the tone for Israel’s position visa vi Iran. The problem Bennett, Gantz, and Lapid are now having is that they pegged their hopes on stopping Iran on a crumbling US empire – more concerned about pulling away from the world stage than helping its erstwhile allies defend themselves.

The Bennett government has not reached the same conclusion that US allies in NATO have – that the America that is emerging is no longer an America that can be relied on. However, the Bennett team appears to be prepared to continue with past paradigms rather than chart out different courses and finding new allies.

If Iran is really only two months away from a bomb, Israel will have to better than begging the USA to step in and help them. It may have to strike out on its own.

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