CNN Host Stunned When Republican Mentioned This Fact About Biden Scandal

by Phil Schneider

Why do some scandals take six years to be unearthed and why do some happen after just six months? The accusation here is that there is some sort of conspiracy of silence among news outlets that exists. There is more than just a little truth to this accusations. Many of the worst deeds of the press are not things that they say, but things that they simply decide to not cover at all.

If Donald Trump indeed runs for President again in 2024, which seems very likely, the press – right and left – will probably skewer him about his age and health. That is a good thing and a reasonable concern that should be explored. But in 2020, the issue of Joe Biden’s mental decline was largely ignored by most of the left press. When Hillary Clinton stumbled on the campaign trail in 2016, her health concerns were largely ignored by most of the left press. They correctly decided, in order to achieve their goal of getting her elected, that the best way to cover the story was to not cover the story.

The cover-up direction is not a new thing. It is super effective. But it is fast becoming ineffective as more and more online news outlets are propping up in the age of social media. In today’s day and age, there are no longer just ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News telling us what is going on. Their are hundreds of mini news outlets and tens of medium size new outlets that are shedding light on events.

The light of day is often the best watchdog of democracy, and less well-known reporters and writers are getting the word out effectively. The Blaze is one of the many medium size outlets that is revealing what the mainstream media outlets are trying to cover up. Dave Rubin was largely canceled by mainstream media. He is now reaching more people via The Blaze than he probably did when he was part of the mainstream media.

That is why using the tools of social media are so powerful. They allow people to become activists from their own home through easy actions such as sharing, liking or e-mailing news stories to their circle of acquaintances or followers. We ought to never underestimate the impact that a simple share or e-mail has on spreading the truth to the masses.

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