After the LA Pogrom Will American Jews Finally Come Home?

by David Mark

Yesterday, a mob of pro-Hamas terrorists attacked Jews, defaced synagogues, and vandalized Jewish schools and stores. According to reports the LA police were told to stand down.

Pico Robinson is a predominately Jewish area of LA with visibly orthodox Jews living and working throughout the area. The mob violently assaulted many Jews, including a woman. They blocked an entrance to a synagogue and spread terror and mayhem. Seeing no police protection, some Jews fought back.

The videos, like the one above are shocking and should be a wake up call for American Jews. For years now, antisemitic incidents have been exponentially climbing. Since Hamas’ invasion and brutal massacre on October 7th, antisemitism exploded across the world - most notably on American college campuses. 

Well now these mobs are on the loose and have left their college campuses to hunt Jews anywhere they are.

We have to remember the hate in – Germany started in the universities before it spread everywhere. The same thing appears to be happening again in America.

Will Jews in America finally decide to leave their homes in the USA for there one and truly only home – the Land of Israel? Let’s hope so – their future depends on it.

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